Monday, March 31, 2008

Can your blog turn into a book deal?

So what if your blog was really good. I mean over 100K readers enjoying your material online.

Well why not shoot for a book deal and get a six figure paycheck. At least that's what Christian Landers did with his blog called "Stuff white people like".

If you can remember way back in March 3rd 2008 (so so long ago), I wrote a blog titled Things people say. (Blog of the month) which spot lighted a cool blog called "stuff white people like".

Well check this out people. This blog is so cool that even Random House decided it was a big deal to pick up. A six figure big deal in fact. (Did I mention Christian Landers the author of the blog is in fact Caucasian.) So make sure you pick up the book or at least read the blog because it is really that good.

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LNsmile11 said...

LOL .. voice your opinions .. whether people like it or not, it will get read .. if its popular, the news might take wind of it .. either way people can't read it if you don't post it =)