Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The baddest smartphone on the block (xperiax1)

If your a mobile fanatic you probably already know about this doohickey. Its called the XPERIAX1. The name is supposed to sound like experience, but I hope that wont null the fact that this is a hot ass phone.

Not only do you get the cool effects of a iphone, you get a smartphone with Windows 6.1 with a full keyboard that slides out (for all you side-kick lovers), a 3-inch touch display at a resoultion of 800x480 (what!? did someone say that is standard for dvd quality on a mobile phone?)

The damn phone even has WiFi, HSDPA/HSUPA, and GSM access. So drug dealers, killers and any other criminals need not buy, cause your stupid ass will be tracked down. But for you common folk wanting a navigation system on your phone, well here you go.

This baby also has 400MB of memory........................................... Now what was I saying? oh yeah, This baby also has 400MB of memory.

So if you are a in style type of person, baller, or just like the latest shyt. Then save your dollars kiddies, cause this phone is on the market the second half of 2008.

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Natalie said...

Looks very, very cool. I might need one.