Thursday, March 6, 2008

Myspace takes a TimeSlice in new technology

So to give you the low-down, Operation Myspace ( Myspace is having a live concert for our American Soldiers in Kuwait next week. Preformances by the Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Simpson, Disturbed, Filter, DJ Z-Trip and Carlos Mencia (HEYYY!!! WHERE IS M.I.A. IN THIS LINE UP!?)

Anyway, the coolest part of this concert is that you are able to watch this live performance from the middle Kuwait on, and it is all thanks to a new technology created by Kulabyte (

Okay okay, your probably thinking to yourself that this is not news worthy because it's like watching a live concert on cable tv. Here is where you are wrong. Even though this is a high definition live video streaming, it is not coming through a cable modem (aka; your 48 inch HD flat screen panel.) This is encoding a high def stream in real time over the internet. Companies have been trying to figure out this hurtle / problem for the longest. So not to bore you with the tech talk, let me show you how this thing works.

As quoted by Michael Arrington from (Word from Word).

"Here’s how the video gets from Kuwait to your computer screen: video is shot at the army base in Kuwait and fed to a Satellite. There’s no line of site to Los Angeles where MySpace is based, so the stream is downlinked on the east coast and shot up to another satellite, then down to Los Angeles.

At that point a third party, Texas-based Kulabyte, takes over and does the really hard part - real time transcoding to VP6 for video, MP3 for audio, in a FLV wrapper. Kulabyte is launching a newly developed technology they call TimeSlice for the first time with Operation MySpace.

Kulabyte then hands off the packaged stream to Akamai, a content delivery network, who ensures that as many users who want the stream can get it.

At the end of the day, MySpace users get to watch a concert taking place in Kuwait live, in high definition, over the Internet. On a normal Flash video player and no special hardware on their end."

Ref: Title - Operation Myspace has real tech behind it: Debut of Kulabyte/ Dated Mar 5th 2008

So there you have it. A free live concert on, and you know I love free.

Operation MySpace - LIVE March 10th - Trailer

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