Friday, March 28, 2008

This is my response to all those people who keep asking?

Hey everyone.

I had to take this moment to respond and clarify a couple of things. Time and time again while kicking it with friends, family, marketing and P.R. colleagues, and once in a while with the drunken girl that's in need of some serious gum, (preferably wrigley's big red gum to cut all that drunken funk out her mouth) I have to explain to them what it is I do. I explain to them that I work with New-Media, and that I am a Interactive New-Media & Marketing Consultant.

A few that are tech industry professionals get what I do off the bat, while others............................................ don't quite understand, or say they understand; "Yeah yeah, you create websites.", or "You work with computers." For the people that ask me what it is I do, I have nothing but respect for your question and will try to answer it simply and also educate you on this growing field of work. For those whom think I just create websites or just work with computers, please visit the following link to help you out a little, (

Now to explain my blog "Interactive New-Media Marketing" a.k.a "UrbanGeekBlog". It is basically made up three segments:

1 -
Keeping you updated on the gaming business & companies. Not just the games, but how new technologies are allowing games to become interactive, mobile, and changing the way people communicate.

Get the insider of what you don't see in the Best Buy or Game Stop stores.

2 - Web 2.0
Stay updated on the ever changing world on social sites, online games, blogs, P2P file sharing sites, all what's hot & what's not on the world wide web. See how politics, music, and even your day-to-day life is digitally connected.

3 - Mobile

Since I'm a little older, I can remember when having a pager in middle school was the thing, and since I considered myself to be a pimp, I was the first to rock a pager watch. But now 10 year olds riding on skate-boards have BlackBerries and Nokia N-Series phones. This is just in the U.S. in which we are 5 years behind in mobile technology. So stay updated on what's going on in the world when it comes to mobile.

So please stay up on my blogs and get educated.


Thanks Heather for stooping through the box and keeping me company. (Sometimes I get lonely.)

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