Sunday, March 2, 2008

Its all about ninja warrior

If you're somewhat a geek you should know about G4TV. A video gamers network cable station. But if you don't know about G4TV you got to check it out and tune into Ninja Warrior. It's basically American Gladiator on steroids.

Imagine creating a killer obstacle course, literally a killer, I mean turn that jungle gym into some real deal shit. Dig a moat underneath the jungle gym. Remove those plastic parts of the jungle gym and replace them with steel, rope, and chains. Grab the ramps and half-pipes from last years X-Games, and there you have it. A sick twisted fun game that even 13 year old and grandparents can play. The winner of this 3 level break your neck sport wins something more valuable then money, They win HONOR & RESPECT!!! Yes that is all, nothing more then honor and respect
(move over Tiger Woods).

Click here to check it out - Ninja Warrior

Recommended move for tonight - Just turn your TV on G4 and watch Ninja Warrior.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen this on T.V. a couple of time before and I must say it's quite interesting. It sure caught my attention to keep watching. But the whole grandfather doing that's crazy. What a champ!