Sunday, June 29, 2008


Helio is a small MVNO company. I know you are probably saying what the hell is that? so I called Mr. Wiki in to explain.

URBAN GEEK: Hello Mr. Wiki, welcome to the Urban Geek Blog the best damn tech blog ever! Please explain to my FRESH readers what in the hell is a MVNO?

Mr. Wiki: Hello U.G., it is my pleasure to be on the Urban Geek Blog. To explain it to you directly from my web site, "A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a company that provides mobile phone service but does not have its own licensed frequency allocation of radio spectrum, nor does it necessarily have all of the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service.[1] A company that does have frequency allocation(s) and all the required infrastructure to run an independent mobile network is known simply as a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). MVNOs are roughly equivalent to the "switchless resellers" of the traditional landline telephone market. Switchless resellers buy minutes wholesale from the large long distance companies and retail them to their customers."

URBAN GEEK: Ohhhhhhhh I see. So readers, to put it to you simply, HELIO is a mobile seller that sales high-end telephones but out sources your network service from other provider like Sprint, or T-mobile. (Well that sucks balls!)

Mr. Wiki: Yes indeed it ball sucks. Thanks to an investment by South Korea's SK Telecom, Korean-Americans HELIO was able to last as long as it did. The fact is HELIO only had roughly 170,000 subscribers. That's pretty small numbers when it comes to the mobile industry.

URBAN GEEK: Wow, well thanks Wiki for explaining what MVNO is.

(Of course this conversation was not real but please take advantage of to look up any company or word)

So HELIO might have failed but it's not over the HELIO mobile technology. Virgin Mobile has decided to purchase HELIO for $39 million in equity. As part of the deal, Virgin Mobile is also receiving $50 million to pay down Helio's debt (half from SK Telecom, and half from its parent company Virgin Group), as well as an additional revolving credit facility of $60 million. The Helio brand will be subsumed by Virgin Mobile. (Hey Richard, is there nothing that you won't place your logo on? How about some Virgin Orange Juice) The deal will also give Virgin access to a number of technologies owned by Helio including customer management and cellphone deck applications.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox Rings In

Internet Explorer 7
FIREFOX 3 World Record Breaker

Unless you are dedicated Internet Explorer (which I don't know why you would be) or you just don't know about other internet service such as Safari and Firefox, let me be the first to inform you the Firefox (, has released its 3rd version breaking the first Guinness World Records with over 8 million most software downloads in first 24 hours.

At its peak, Firefox's Web site was serving 17,000 copies a minute. Downloads came from some 200 countries, led by the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain and Britain.

Firefox comes from Mozilla, an open-source community in which thousands of people, mostly volunteers, collectively develop free products. Firefox is the No. 2 Web browser behind Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer.

You have to make your decision on what is better Firefox or I.E.

Hey! I'd like to know what you people think, leave a comment on what you like better.

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Craigslist Dealer

Have you ever sold anything on Craigslist before? I have to tell you that it's an experience in itself.

For those who might have a late start on the online world, and whom might be clueless to what is all about. Let me break it down to you in four words. Ebay sucks! Use

Wiki describes Craigslist as "a central network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements (with jobs, internships, housing, personals, erotic services, for sale/barter/wanted, services, community, gigs, resume, and pets categories) and forums on various topics."

Urban Geek describes Craigslist as the best MotherF@$ken way to sale your shyt (in less than 2 hours), find a date for the night (possibly get laid), find a good gig to pay for rent (erotic services), as well as find a good 420 roommate.

Craig Alexander Newmark: founder of the San Francisco-based website

I have sold plenty of things on Craigslist and I always get immediate responses, so many in fact that sometimes I even repost the item, raise the price, and still receive a lot of responses. But there are ten craigslist commandments you must obey:

  1. Do not post your phone number, your home address, or personal email address on your posting. Unless you are a business promoting your shop then it is okay to do so.
  2. Photo of the product you are selling is highly recommended. It is always nice to let your buyers see what they are actually buying.
  3. Do not except credit as a form of payment
  4. Do not except checks as a form of payment
  5. Once you have confirmed with the person who will purchase your product, please make sure you select a meeting area in a neutral (safe) populated area like a mall, restaurant, etc. Never bring them to your house / home
  6. Count the money always, check for counterfeit bills
  7. Keep transactions short and sweet (unless the person is pretty hot)
  8. Never sale anyone else things unless previously agreed (could cause serious beef)
  9. Post your item on craigslist in the AM hours to make sure maximum view
  10. If recently divorced, why not get rid of their shyt as quickly as possible and make a buck from it

"Follow these rules you'll have mad bread to break up
If not, twenty-four years, on the wake up
Slug hit your temple, watch your frame shake up
Caretaker did your makeup, when you pass
Your girl fluked my man Jake up, heard in three weeks
she sniffed a whole half of cake up
Heard she suck a good brain, and can hook a steak up
Gotta go gotta go, more pasta bake up, word up, uhh " - By Notorious B.I.G.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm not the one to brag

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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Okay everyone feast your eyes on this!!!

The brand new Tony Hawk LX with video capability.

The device will be previewed on today and will go on sale mid July, but of course that is not the only cool news. For weeks people have been asking me "Starsky (No Hutch), when is the Sidekick video function coming out?" At the time I had no clue, I just knew that it was coming soon. Now I can give you more info. The Tony Hawk Sidekick LX device will be sold with an application called play and share. The new LX will allow you to share and record videos, it will also have a stereo Bluetooth support, easier downloads and more themes and background personalization options. But please current LX users please do not get upset. You don't have to buy the Tony Hawk Sideckick, this summer, all Sidekick LX customers will get that OTA (Over The Airway update).

I told you it was coming. Check out for more info.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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