Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox Rings In

Internet Explorer 7
FIREFOX 3 World Record Breaker

Unless you are dedicated Internet Explorer (which I don't know why you would be) or you just don't know about other internet service such as Safari and Firefox, let me be the first to inform you the Firefox (, has released its 3rd version breaking the first Guinness World Records with over 8 million most software downloads in first 24 hours.

At its peak, Firefox's Web site was serving 17,000 copies a minute. Downloads came from some 200 countries, led by the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain and Britain.

Firefox comes from Mozilla, an open-source community in which thousands of people, mostly volunteers, collectively develop free products. Firefox is the No. 2 Web browser behind Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer.

You have to make your decision on what is better Firefox or I.E.

Hey! I'd like to know what you people think, leave a comment on what you like better.

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer


quickie said...

firefox bitches!

Amburlee said...

fire fox is cool. but I like how i can easily open multiple windows with I.E.

New Media and Marketing said...

I'm a fan of Firefox. Not as many pop spam and is a little faster that I.E.

Miss Hershey McJones said...

Firefox for me . . .I think the little fox around the globe graphic is cuter. That's lame isn't it?