Thursday, June 5, 2008


Okay everyone feast your eyes on this!!!

The brand new Tony Hawk LX with video capability.

The device will be previewed on today and will go on sale mid July, but of course that is not the only cool news. For weeks people have been asking me "Starsky (No Hutch), when is the Sidekick video function coming out?" At the time I had no clue, I just knew that it was coming soon. Now I can give you more info. The Tony Hawk Sidekick LX device will be sold with an application called play and share. The new LX will allow you to share and record videos, it will also have a stereo Bluetooth support, easier downloads and more themes and background personalization options. But please current LX users please do not get upset. You don't have to buy the Tony Hawk Sideckick, this summer, all Sidekick LX customers will get that OTA (Over The Airway update).

I told you it was coming. Check out for more info.


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