Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is the T-Mobile SideKick out of DANGER of another AOL outage?

For all you SideKick lovers that text & chat all day and night. Have you been frustrated with your T-mobile ShityKick? SideKick just does not connect to AOL, or MSN and sends a strange message saying that you log on your AOL account way to many times. Is your MSN I.M. all flucked up as well?

It seems strange that your Yahoo I.M. is still reliable right?

How about something even more relevant to add to your AOL & MSN SideShyt frustration, Microsoft is buying out Danger Inc.

Unless you've been living in a cave, or you live with your grandma that still has a old fashion television with a turn knob, (Do you remember the channel turners with the knobs? It was hard trying to get that UHF Fox channel huh?) You should know by now that Danger Inc. ( is the creator and owner of the amazing SideKick.

In a nutshell the Sidekick is a combination device, being both a cell phone serviced by T-Mobile, and a portable Internet device provisioned by the Danger data network. Danger data services include email, web browsing, and an AOL Instant Messenger client.

So why is it after the announcement of this big buyout that a series of outages and frustrated Sidekick AOL and MSN users are unable to login and I.M.? There is nothing wrong with the Yahoo I.M.

I guess AOL and Microsoft's MSN can't get along.

Gas is now $4 bucks and now this.

To find out more about Microsoft Agreement to Acquire Danger Inc. Visit -

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RAPsody said...

What other product does Microsoft have in the Mobile world?

roborange said...

I've been around so long that I actually had one of those brick phones. Before that I had the one
that was in a case about the size of
a small car battery with the corded handset on top. Dayum! I know right.