Monday, March 3, 2008

Things people say. (Blog of the month)

Since I just started blogging myself, sometimes I glimpse to see what others are blogging about. Some chat about religion, others politics, and some race. Seems to be the top stories these days, (Maybe it's due to it being an election year with the first real chance of a first African mixed American male, and a Female to be nominated as president? .........hmmmmmm.............. NAH!)

So check this funny blog I found. It’s called Stuff White People Like. I had to ask my very light skin brothers & sisters if the statements made where true. Majority said yes, but that’s not the funny part because there are some people whom grew up in my ghetto ass community that are not Caucasian and are of other cultures like African, Asian, New Yorican, and Hollyweird descendants that act the same way. style="font-family:arial;"> The perfect example is Miss Hershey McJones (miss hershey mcjones). From the outside one may think she is an perfect example of blacktacular; (Def: an expression referring to something that is both racially black and spectacular; usually referring to something created by or featuring a black person. Example: Kanye West's new song is blacktacular! Wow, that drawing of MLK is blacktacular! Michael Jackson is no longer blacktacular.) But if you only knew that she loves #77 Musical Comedy, that she likes #68 Michel Gondry, always buys #63 Expensive Sandwiches, you would think otherwise. So note to self. You may want to question your own ethnicity because you just might be white. No for real you just might like potato salad. Recommended movie for tonight - Be Cool

Shout outs to Tonya for letting me know this blog ever existed, shout outs to Miss Hershey Mcjones

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