Saturday, March 8, 2008

Holy Shyt!! beats live communities to the mobile punch!

Okay peoplez, this is the first time I had to combine segments, but this is too much of a coincidence. must be reading my thoughts, or they are just forward thinking and understand that the U.S. is in the ice ages when it comes to mobile while other countries like Korea and Japan are five years ahead of the game.

In my previous blog titled -

The incredible not eatable LIVE video community

I spoke about the idea of a live video streaming from both mobile phones and Webcams. Well guess what. has beaten the live community .com industry to the punch. (Sorry Scott, I guess I was a little to late with that idea.)

Up till now, Kyte allowed people to create their own personal TV channels on the Web by uploading videos from their cell phones to various widgets and to Today, Kyte is adding live video streaming from both mobile phones and Webcams, which is broadcast through your personal Kyte channel and archived for later viewing. So no matter if your at home or at the mall you can chat live with live video streaming. This achievement is so big and so hot that even Curtis James Jackson also known as 50 Cent lifted a eyebrow and decided to test out with his ThisIs50 campaign.

So there you have it Jetsons. A mobile live video community. What's next, flying skateboards?

Recommended movie for tonight - Back to the Future

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