Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How inde music artist keep it mobile

In a industry where it seems the major music labels are getting the short end of the stick (with reported record losses). It is pretty obvious that music is being consumed by people more than ever before. Thanks to the likes of new technology and companies with visions like Jamster, Steve Jobs' iTunes and iPods. Now you are able to download and convert you music and videos to MP3, AVI and other formats, put them on your PSP, Zune, SideKick, and even Xbox 360 and run with them.

Within the great interactive new-media world, indie and unsigned artist are able to take control of their music sales without owing the middle man or the loan shark labels tons of money. Not only are artist able to control sales, they are able to communicate with their audience unlike ever before.

Take Broadtexter.com (www.broadtexter.com) for example,

If you are a music artist, a fashion icon, model with sex appeal, or just have something you thank you can create a mobile fan club with, then this mobile sms and mobile media is the one for you.

No need for fans to send you fan mail with envelopes & posted stamps, have them text you (live mobile to online & mobile to online chat sessions) and send mobile fan pix, be bff's with your fans. Create your own broadtexter page viewable as a widget or desktop application, and on your mobile phone.

Create real-time text alerts of shows, events, guess appearances. You can even schedule your alerts or even regionalize them for specific area like New York City, NY or even Culver City, CA all from your account online or right from your own phone.
So get silly and mobilize your fan club and stay connected with your fans. Its so Free.

OH! and if your not a music artist please do not fret because Broadtexter is still built around fans wanting to stay up on their artist. You can join your favorite artist fan club and stay in contact with them and not thier P.R. agency or someone pretending to be them. Share real-time pictures and real-time chats with artist and other fan club members.

(Don't worry folks, no one will ever get your mobile number. It's kept private from both fans and artist.)

So their you have it people. My mobile pick of the day.

I have to give a shout out to Tonya for her insider blog on the underground music and up coming artist called THEEARGASM (http://theeargasm.blogspot.com).

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RAPsody said...

I like this. Not only because I got a beautiful shot out, or the pic of your ass in the box.

But thats a really good concept.Its wonderful for artist. I often wonder how we ever made it without the internet.

music lessons said...

this is great...i also like its concept...thanks!!

- ledz -