Friday, March 21, 2008

Whats happens when the greate online poker world starts to smoke reefer?

You get a smoking cool poker site called (

I am not the one to encourage a 420 free zone or a good card playing hand, but if you got skills and you support a "green habitat" then this ones for you (cough cough...choke.... here man try this).

There are soo soo many gambling poker sites out there, but none that are a actual community.

So this is why I had to put this two month old start-up company on the spot light of Web 2.0

Like traditional online poker games played over the internet, you gamble, you when some if your good, or you loose.

I had to ask Sid the owner of how in the world did they come up with this idea. Sid's response - "The answer is simple. Our creators love both playing poker and the marijuana culture. Pot enthusiasts are a different breed. We are relaxed, we analyze, we like to have fun."

Make sure your short term memory isn't too far gone that you forget that on the last Sunday of every month we host a $50,000 freeroll. Yeah – Free-Roll. All you have to do it earn 5,000 Comp Points during the month to play.

While you are earning entry into this massive freeroll, you will also be earning entry into our weekly $10K freerolls, and many more. Over $120,000 in freerolls a month!

So I suggest that you don't get too blazed or you might just lose your hand, unless you are a professionals.


Melody.Darlene said...

hahahah! reefer poker... wow. lol!

Raphaelle said...


Alex - Poker Boss said...

Actually I like this site, and often play poker there.

But, must admit don't smoke while I play :-)...Try to keep concentrating on playing...

Alex - Poker Boss said...

Wish me luck on today Tournaments :-)