Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Technology + Gadgets + Fetishes = ZeroPointZero

ZeroPointZero is a sleek, sexy, handcuff watch. I bet i could put these hand cuffs on Halle Berry and she would kiss me. (Mmmmmmmmm Halle)

So here something that provokes desire, lust, hate and passion. It's called time. We spend every moment of it either enjoying it, wishing it would move faster, or constantly trying to fight it back. But here is news to all of you Fiji vacationers, students trap in math classes, and people with face-lifts. You can't control TIME!

So since you can't control it, just get this sexy watch for your girl (or guy) and enjoy the moment.

(When will we see a cell-phone watch? I used to rock a pager-watch.)

Recommended movie for tonight - Dusk Till Dawn

1 comment:

RAPsody said...

I dont know ...Handcuffs for anything other than sexual purposes are a little scary for me, and I'm not even comfortable with that...I'll have to pass on these. I'll be out of style and keep my Bulova. My cat knocked it into a pot of water over night and it still worked when I founf it int he morning. I bet that Handcuff watch can't do that.