Monday, March 17, 2008

Does Freedom of the Press (or Press Freedom) Exist?

Welcome to the world wide web (aka, with infinite resources and access to unlimited of information, videos, blogs, podcast, etc. as you so please to find or would like to upload and display.

From porn, to world-wide news, to personal journals, and photos, the list goes on and on as to who can or will display themselves or opinions on the web. Shyt, look at me and my Interactive New Media and Marketing blog with my opinions of what is news worthy. But who is to say that our public opinions , online broadcast, podcast, blogs, and more are not controlled by a higher power? Maybe a government power? (SAY WHAAAAT?!!!)

Okay peepz, I am not the revolutionist type like the Black Panther Party, or even Hell's Angels. But when Chinese Government closes off all media access to the region including censoring the reports about Tibet inside China and the Buddhist Monks revolts, you might think that at least the people have access to the internet, (right?). Well the government even closed off internet access - that includes CNN, Youtube, Google News, Veoh the list goes on. It has been reported that even both Google sites have been blocked from the Internet in China. To prevent its citizens from seeing these videos or reading about them, the Chinese government has taken down all of YouTube and Google News inside China.

Is Google willing to take down all video and footage of the riots to restore access to YouTube and Google News inside China? I mean, China is one of Googel's biggest markets that the big G needs to be a player in.

Google, what's more important? Freedom of press or losing out to a government control whom wants to control people beliefs, eventually wanting to erase this from their history? (DON'T strip our videos, blogs, news items about Tibet.)

As reported by - "There is a precedent here: in China you cannot find a lot of information about the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising on the Web, including the famous image of the lone man standing in front of the line of tanks. Most young Chinese have never seen that image."

See video at: (

But what about video that the rest of the world has seen, only to be hidden from Americans?

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RAPsody said...

Wow... I mean with all of America's quirks, I"m glad to be a citizen of America. Thats a crazy reality, that I dont think of often enough.