Thursday, April 3, 2008

Taking mobile alerts to the next level. (Throw out your old radars for this one.)

So your minding your own business going down route 101 doing 101 mph until your radar goes off alerting you that there is a speed trap near by, but by this time it's way too late. You've just been pulled over by the man.

Well of course its your fault for speeding, but maybe that old-school radar is a little bit outdated. I'm not saying you should throw it in the trash, but maybe a little bit extra protection could never hurt. (Like using birth control pills and condoms.) So since everyone is so mobile now, maybe your not so advance mobile GPS system can help you out. At least thanks so with their speed trap sharing mobile alert system. (You try saying that three times fast). is the early alert warning system for speeders. As you approach a known threat, you'll get an audio alert on your mobile device, (Audio is provided by Samuel L. Jackson saying - "SLOW DOWN MUTHA F*&KA! SLOW DOWN!). No no, I'm just kidding, but you really will receive a audio alert on your mobile phone.

Pete Tenereillo, the developer of Trapster say the system simply requires punching in a few keys such as "pound-1" to submit information to Trapster's database alerting Trapsetr mobile members of locations of highway speed traps, red-light cameras and other hot-spots for ticket-free driving.

The free service can automatically detect location using mobile devices' GPS capabilities or tap their Wi-Fi and get location from a database run by Skyhook Wireless.

Sounds hot right? But what makes this even more news worthy is that Trapster uses a combination of new technologies including Jott's ( voice over I.P. converter. "SAY WHAT!?" In simple terms - technology that converts your voice into emails, text messages, alerts, reminders, lists & appointments.

Information about red-light cameras and where police tend to operate speed traps is kept in Trapster's database indefinitely. Information about active speed traps is kept for an hour, with the idea that officers may move on.

Users can choose the types of cameras or traps for which they want alerts.

To discourage pranksters and law-enforcement officials from flooding the system with bogus locations, users can rate others on the accuracy of their contributions, and those getting better ratings will carry more weight.

So if you are known to speed "Tonya", then you should download this free tool to your phone.

F.Y.I. Trapster™ works best with GPS phones that automatically keep track of where you are, but if you don't have a GPS phone or don't want to download the mobile application, thanks to our friends at Jott you can still use Trapster™, hands free, to report traps! Here's how to get started using Trapster™ with Jott on your mobile phone (you must of course first sign up for Trapster™.

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