Friday, April 25, 2008

Are you having a sexual relationship with your mobile phone?

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please bear with me as I catch up on a lot of things. Man it sucks re-installing your entire program after your computer has crashed, but enough with my lame excuses.

Recently I did a little survey to see how many people are having sexual relationships with their mobile phones. Okay it's not really sexual relationships, but more of an unconscious interdependency. The survey was more for fun to see what people had to say. But I found that people are really dependent on their cell phone.

I ask the following questions to people, (and all those who would like to, please feel free to respond by commenting on my blog with your own responses).

What’s up friends from the past and the present day, I am doing a study to see how many of us are cheating on our partners and am having SEX with our cell phones?

I ask that you all answer my questions honestly, and don't be ashamed because you might find out that we all do it.

Have you ever slept with your cell phone in your bed?

Do you sometimes hop out of the shower just to answer you cell phone?

Have you ever text, instant message, or talk to someone on your cell phone while you sat on the toilet?

Do you ride in your car with your cell phone in your lap?

Would get upset if (girlfriend or boyfriend) was looking through your cell phone?

What other………………let’s say different things do you do with your cell phone?

I was surprise to find that more people use their phones as alarm clocks, (yet they try to deny that the phone is in the bed with them), That they use their cell phones to store music and listen to music on their cell phones while on trains, buses, or when they are board, their cell phone is usually at arm's length at all times, and it's a true split between what would make a person more upset - finding their boyfriend or girlfriend cheating or losing a very expensive cell phone with all your data and contacts.

For many working-class and the "discretionary" poor (those whom have enough money to buy that iphone, new sneakers, and designer bags but can't afford rent, or monthly bills), their cell phones are in away their only personal computers.

Household income in the United States

So just like Dru Hill
Lyrics to Sleeping In My Bed, be careful because you might wake up to your love one only to notice that you are separated by a glowing blue light – ringing – ringing – ringing


"In My Bed"

I got this feeling, and I just can't turn it loose
That somebody's been getting next to you
I don't want to walk around knowin' I was your fool
'Cuz being the man that I am
I just can't lose my cool

My friends keep telling me about the things that's going on babe
But deep in my heart baby I hope that I'm wrong
Yes I hope I'm wrong but I know it babe

Somebody's sleeping in my bed, my bed baby
Somebody's takin' my place (baby)
Somebody's sleeping in my bed baby
And you know just what I mean, oh oh oh oh oh!

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