Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lineage Marketing’s first E-mail Newsletter

Welcome Everyone to Lineage Marketing’s first E-mail Newsletter.

Lineage Marketing is an Interactive & New-Media Marketing Company with a concentrated focus on leading edge marketing platforms – Web 2.0, Gaming and Mobile. We specialize in Gaming interactive placement and advertisement, Web 2.0 viral campaigns, digital word of mouth, Search Engine Optimization, web and social network designs, widgets, Blogs, and online media placement, in addition to Mobile sms, smtp, wap, and flashlight campaigns, applications, and mobile viral video.

Let it be known that nothing is ever standard or traditional with Lineage Marketing interactive new-media marketing.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Starsky J. Robinson a.k.a. Starsky (No Hutch).

I am not a believer in titles such as C.E.O., President, or King. At Lineage Marketing, all co-workers are considered partners and there is a open door policy for creativity while managing quality interactive campaigns. I am in fact the owner of Lineage Marketing, but consider my title as Interactive New-Media Consultant.

For those who might wonder what is up with the red box, the box in fact represents the concept of “Thinking inside the box”, going against the norm of the so common “thinking outside the box”. Thinking inside the box requires minimal resources with a whole lot of results, smaller budgets bigger ROI.

Amazingly, creativity and organization is produced in even the smallest of places.

Okay enough about me and let’s get to what’s new.

I would like to welcome Lineage Marketing’s newest clients:

Deuce Tre Deuce (a.k.a. DTD and 232)

An Urban-Pop music group based out of Baltimore Maryland consisting of three talented young men - Divine, Kameechi, and Sincere. Their Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. top chart Go-Go music song titled: “Hands Up, Thumbs Down” started their music career with an amazing jump start.

– Lineage Marketing is spearheading a campaign for DTD consisting of online branding, MySpace design, Viral and Video Marketing and Digital Word of Mouth to generate valuable online buzz.

Magnate Music (Artist HB HollaBack)

HB (a.k.a. HollaBack) is an up and coming Watts/Los Angeles, CA hip-hop artist under the Magnate Music label.

– Lineage Marketing is providing Magnate Music with online promotions for artist HB Hollaback. Campaigns consist of Video and viral marketing, Search Engine Optimization across Google/Yahoo/MSN/AOL and more, Digital Word of Mouth, WEB 2.0 Optimization and Interactivity, measurable Analytics, and online branding.

(Look out soon for the redesign of HB HollaBack Myspace profile.)

Check out HB Videos at

A online poker community built around the “420” movement where users can enjoy hours and hours of videos, chats sessions, and a good hand at poker.

– Lineage Marketing is proud to introduce its first, and not the last, online gaming client. We are currently providing online cross promotions with a variety of business-to-business relationships while growing user acquisition to the ReeferPoker community site and tournaments.

Thank you all for being a valued client, we look forward to harnessing professional and measurable results for you.

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