Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Digging in the crates with USB’s

I can recall not so long ago, helping my cousin who was a DJ lugging crates full of vinyl. Almost forgot to mention that it was at night and in the dead of winter freezing my ass off. If you never carried crates filled with vinyl, let me just tell you, it's literally hand blistering heavy. And usually if it was going to be a banging party there was at least six crates to carry. Ohhh I miss the good old day.

Well of course you guys know that those days are definitely over thanks to advancement of technology (and how digital music killed the vinyl and the crates). Now days DJ's like the amazing and sexy DJ Pesce - http://www.myspace.com/djpesce
pretty much carries a small Apple computer, her iPod, and her Crackberry phone. (Honestly she is for real a Digging in the crates DJ; don't let her short sexiness fool you).

Well here is a gadget that can turn your vinyl to digital with ease. The Ion iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record for only $120 bucks

"In an era before MP3s, CD-ROMs, and RIAA lawsuits, vinyl was the medium of choice for music lovers around the world. If you're old enough to remember those days, you're probably the proud owner of a few vinyl records that you wish you could convert to a modern digital format for your iPod or other digital device. Your wish has been granted with the iTT USB turntable from Ion. Using an USB connection and some open-source software this gadget converts and records your vinyl treasures into MP3s that you can use on modern music devices." - http://www.news.com/2300-1040_3-6207121-1.html

So throughout those cords and connect that USB, this is a good gift for that uncle who just won't get rid of that basement full of records.

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