Thursday, February 28, 2008

This week must have! Slim silver PS2 for $99 (FIRE!)

Target has it for $99 bucks. You cant beat that even at the local bootleg markets.

Only a crack-head can beat this price. (But best believe a crack-head will not give you all the parts or a return receipt.)

So who cares you don't get the blue-ray, the online interaction, and motion sensors. I don't cause I'm cheap.

My two-hundred dollar check will keep me and my new silver PS2 and game occupied until the summer.
Click on Weekly Ad, punch in your zip and do a quick search. Offer ends March 1

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Miss Hershey McJones said...

only $99? weren't they like ten thousand bucks or something? what a steal!

and that shit about the crackheads was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Down with 300, dope movie. But seems more like a day for SAW. Not any of these lame as sequels, I mean the real deal!