Friday, February 22, 2008

Interactive New-Media and Marketing

Hey everyone,

Check this out. A blog for the urban geeks and for those whom are new to this new-media thing. Technology, online WEB 2.0 new trends, Mobile gadgets, and Gaming brought to you raw and uncut.

So to get you started I have listed three segments for you to have fun with.

Gaming & Shenanigans:

Stay-updated and discuss the latest games and cheat sheets, and gaming industry news. (You can comment and start your own conversation on this one if you like.)

WEB 2.0!!:

The new comers and coolest underground online communities on the block, you take your pick.

Phone sex (Yeah Baby!):

All the new mobiles and mobile news you need to know. If I missed it then leave a comment about it.

And there you have it.

Any suggestions hit me up.

Starsky (No Hutch)

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