Friday, October 3, 2008

ANDROID – TG1 (The iPhone Terminator)

I would like to first apologize for being M.I.A. for a few weeks. Besides the Stock Market crash and digging wholes in my backyard to hide the dead bodies and the dirty money, I have been knee deep in securing a stable economic lifestyle. Yes everyone, I have officially joined the Jamaican Mafia.

So besides that, I think I have found a new love. It is called the T-Mobile G1. It is a mix between the iPhone and the SideKick.

If you don’t know by now, Google has finally made a deal with T-mobile to release its long awaited ANDROID

ANDRIOD, originaly developed by Google and later by the Open Handset Alliance is a operating sysytem / software platform for mobile devices. In simple terms it is a free mobile platform open to developers, similar to Mozilla’s FireFox.

So let’s start of a little different from the rest of the bunch. T-mobile G1’s phone won't do video capture (say what?), but there is a free player available to download, will not have stereo Bluetooth, will require a Gmail account, and won't be sold at stores outside of a 2-5 mile radius of T-Mobile's 3G coverage areas. (source)

Never the less I am still buying this phone. I live in Los Angeles and we have the 3G networks, plus I am one of the many L.A. residence who still talks on the speaker phone while driving, blame my inablility to change on CW’s Gossip Girl. (Hey, when is Hollywood going to change the paper bag rule? Ahh, that is a topic for another blogger.)


This chart wich is an introduction to Android that is featured on YouTube illustrates the number of internet users in orange, and the the number of mobile phone users in blue. In 2007 there is about 1.1 billion internet users in the world, but there is three times (3 x) the amount of mobile users. This means that the average person has 2 if not more mobile devices in their possession. (One for work, one for personal businesses)


Android's co-founders who went to work at Google included Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger) - Yep! Danger is the same company who makes T-mobile SideKick, and Nick Sears (once VP at T-Mobile). So who would of ever thought T-mobile would secure the first ANDRIOD mobile device. WOW! It really looks like a DANGE Sidekick device! AMAZING!!!!! Thanks Andy and Nick.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that the T-Mobile G1 can be unlocked after 90 days of activation. You will be able to place another sims in it. Also users will be able to create tethering or unlocking apps for the phones, Sweet! Oh that is not all folks, you can also buy a “contract free" G1 (with a price point of $399). I bet even the Craigslist Cartail can’t beat that. (I know they can but still, that is a low price)

This is just the beginning from Googles ANDRIOD, so please expect more.

For more info please click on the following link:


R.A.P said...

IM sorry..But nothing compares to the iphone, as nothing compares tot he iPod..

Brian said...

nothing compares to the iphone? lols idiot. iphone users worship the iphone like its some type of god or something. I ordered mine 2 days ago and I think this phone or OS I should say is just starting...I can't wait until the next one comes out. the writer of this blog....I found this from ur "pitch" on Svetlana Gladkova. lols

UrbanGeek said...

Miss Svetlana aka Pofy is soo cool. I suggest that everyone follows her twits