Monday, July 7, 2008

How DJ Rashida keeps it digital

DJ Rashida

Hey digi music headz. While I know that you are all so busy ripping your friends CD’s to your computer playlist, creating your new gym workout selection on your iPod, or searching on Myspace for your new profile song. I want to distract you for one moment with an exclusive interview with the lovely DJ Rashida. If you’re one of the 5% of true hip-hop fanatics who never heard of her, first of all shame on you, and secondly check out her rap sheet:

  • 1998 – Rashida feel in love with the mix and started her pursuit of DJ’ing
  • College Years – (aka “A Different World” experience) – Started DJ’ing for an Atlanta College station which she held down A-town’s local night clubs and open for a slew of Hip-hop legends like De La Soul.
  • 2002 – She graduated from college with a degree in Fine Arts. (College Educated and Street Smart, a deadly combination for corporate America)

  • 2004 – Rashida started spinning at the legendary House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA -

  • During her House of Blue years – Rashida cross paths with the legendary, never aging in years, singer Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson and soon became his “go-to” DJ
  • Present Day – You can find DJ Rashida all over the globe, spinning at all the high-profile parties and true underground dancehall clubs (make sure you bring a towel to those events, because I guarantee you a hot wall sweating party), and you can find her on MTV's American Best Dance Crew every week -

Today I had a chance to finally interview the talented, intelligent, very sexy Rashida via AOL INSTANT MESSAGING. (Now of course you know I would not put her real screen name out there.)


UrbanGeekBlog (10:56:27 AM): hi Rashida

DJRashida (10:57:04 AM): who is this?

UrbanGeekBlog (10:57:09 AM): This is Starsky (No Hutch) a.k.a Urban Geek

DJRashida (10:57:23 AM): hey! How are you?

UrbanGeekBlog (10:57:28 AM): I’m actually doing well and am excited to finally get an exclusive interview with you.

DJRashida (11:01:02 AM): I know, I’ve been mad busy & thing are about to get even crazier this week

DJRashida (11:01:10 AM): can I answer a couple now

UrbanGeekBlog (11:01:17 AM): for sure you can

DJRashida (11:01:26 AM): ok cool, shoot

UrbanGeekBlog (11:01:46 AM): Technology has changed whole wide world. How has technology changed the way you DJ?

DJRashida (11:03:39 AM): Changed everything, went from lugging 4-5 crates of records 2 a gig to now taking my laptop, and 1 small bag of records (there’s a pic on my myspace of one of my outta town gigs and all my crates stacked up at airport

UrbanGeekBlog (11:03:59 AM): lol, I see

DJRashida (11:04:06 AM): also used to have to buy doubles of everything which could get expensive, now with serato -, I have instant doubles, I also dont have to worry about re-searching 4 scratched and damaged vinyl

UrbanGeekBlog (11:04:59 AM): what’s your myspace link?

DJRashida (11:05:01 AM):

UrbanGeekBlog (11:05:08 AM): since you travel so much what portable gadget can’t you live without on your travels

DJRashida (11:11:37 AM): basically my Mac PowerBook, you know my home away from home & now my iPhone is slowly taking over as the super portable version of that

UrbanGeekBlog (11:12:09 AM): wow! Smaller seems to be better

DJRashida (11:12:47 AM): yeah except when it freezes your pretty much screwed, I’m on my 3rd iPhone :/

UrbanGeekBlog (11:13:19 AM): ouch!

UrbanGeekBlog (11:13:54 AM): Well thanks for giving this interview Rashida; I am defiantly a fan with a HUGE crush!

DJRashida (11:14:10 AM): LOL! fa sho, sorry it took so long!

UrbanGeekBlog (11:14:31 AM): No worries at all. Thanks again and hope to see you soon

DJRashida (11:15:08 AM): Paz

UrbanGeekBlog (11:15:47 AM): bye

Once again thanks DJ Rashida for the instant chat, and all you music lovers make sure you check out DJ Rashida's Myspace profile. (


Anonymous said...

nice...doing big thing STAR!!!

Jameela said...

awesome interview. sick travelling set.
peep out mis.led: :0)

cleona said...

hi UrbanGeek
There are so many things I would like to try in my lifetime and one of them is being a DJ. And seeing DJ Rashida on America's Dance Crew for the first time since the show started made me even want to pursue this if given the opportunity. Recently, I went to a benefit event and I meant to ask the DJ what kind of qualifications you need to be a DJ? I didn't, so I'm asking you the same question.